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(Smith) and Michael (Smith) and Jemele (Hill) and (Tony) Kornheiser and (Michael) Wilbon.

Stephen A Smith and controversies are two sides of the coin. Smith's thoughts on this matter are rigorous and harsh to Ayesha. But yet, she thinks about how she represents him, and as a result, she doesn’t do that.” Smith spoke on for another minute before concluding, “If this were Savannah, acting like this, do you know how much heat Le Bron James may have taken?

Smith’s Sexist Comments] ESPN’s been through a tumultuous year, losing some recognizable names from their opinion roster: Keith Olbermann, Bill Simmons, Colin Cowherd, and most recently, Jason Whitlock.

Like Cowherd, ESPN wants to keep Bayless when his contract ends next year.

(The network at times seem to embrace bad press/social media bickering.) I think we can all be adults about the situation.

Taylor is now on a national network and being paid more money.

He’s on one of the most lucrative TV shows at the network and it sets the table for His & Hers, giving the show a nice lead-in, and helping turn it into a hit. Bayless has been around sports media for decades, at virtually all the important newspapers and on multiple TV networks.

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While I’d love to hear a BS explanation on how her opinion of Bayless has changed or she’s grown to respect him, that would probably draw more attention to the tweets, which actually might even be part of some elaborate FS1 PR ploy.

This is actually becoming a thing now, with social media becoming such an integral part of our existence.

Professional sports teams have had to work out potentially awkward situations with rookies who sent tweets calling out future teammates like Dak Prescott and Tony Romo.

He shows up hours before the show goes on air and huddles with producers to go over topics they will cover, as it usually works in television.

According to several people at ESPN interviewed for this article, Smith is said to regularly saunter into the morning meetings a half hour before the show, leading Bayless to ask colleagues at the network why he has to do all the work.

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