Updating your action replay

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Can you confirm the exact problems which you experience in following these steps?

Can you confirm version of Windows which you are using? Have you tried connecting the DSi Action Replay directly to an alternative known working USB connection?

Do so, and continue to follow the onscreen instructions to finish the installation process.

Run the virtual operating system program per the instructions that came with the product (some products have you launch Windows from the Mac OS while some have you reset the computer in a specific manner to launch Windows) to launch the virtual version of Windows.

Follow the onscreen instructions or the instructions that came with the product to install the program.

During the installation process, you will be prompted to insert a copy of a Windows OS installation disc into the computer's disc drive.

After upgrading your Nintendo 3DS console to version 6.0.0-12/11 or above you will need to update your 3DS Action Replay by installing the update software downloadable from below.I have it plugged in but the code manager says that is waiting for Action Replay Card. I would enter the codes manually but I'm not sure how to since my codes are too big. Do not cry, I have the solution, fixed it myself; today.Step one: First, if you are using Vista/Windows 7(XP is almost the same), Make sure you have the Disk, and Ds Plugged in.If your DSi Action Replay does not have a micro SD card slot you do not require this update.If your DSi Action Replay does have a micro SD card slot, confirm that your DSi Action Replay is using an earlier firmware version by selecting ‘Options’ from the DSi Action Replay home screen.

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