Patient dating their doctor

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The doctor/patient relationship is one of the most sacred in human culture.The close bond that is enjoyed between the doctor and the patient is vital in terms of conveying honest information.But it tells them they can date former patients, as long as they give ‘careful consideration’ to certain factors.‘Although it would not be possible to specify a length of time after which it is acceptable to pursue a relationship with a former patient, it is reasonable to expect that the more recently a professional relationship ended the less likely it is to be appropriate to begin a personal relationship with the patient.’ Doctors should only start a relationship with a former patient if they have used their 'professional judgement' to decide if it is appropriate and are still banned from 'improper' relationships with current patients (file picture) Some senior GPs, however, have previously warned that such relationships are always ‘flawed’.Dr Surendra Kumar, a GP who practises in Widnes, Cheshire, said: ‘Consider the powers of the doctor.Almost all developed societies prohibit any romantic or sexual relationship between a doctor and a current patient.

Speaking to Pulse at the time, Dr Grewal added: ‘An absolute ban on sexual relationships with patients or former patients is an unfair limitation on the right to pursue happiness for doctors and patients alike.It is little wonder that you can easily find a doctor dating site that seeks to connect single doctors with people who live in their region.Unlike the relationship between a boss and employee where there are complications that might arise which would interfere with their respective jobs, doctors and patients do not face the same type of issues.Ever since the Hippocrates Oath came into being, medical ethics have been upheld as an important part of the behavior of doctors in a community.And one of the most significant aspects of this code of ethics regulating the medical community is the relationship between a doctor and patient.

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