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I do want to mention that there is a parental guidance warning on this program. This is something very serious, and it’s a misuse of the sexual power that will set them up for a lifetime of broken relationships and misery. Father, a listener asked a question that kind of ties in with this, and I’m not asking you to criticize another priest’s approach, but I think it kind of sheds light on the dilemma that many priests are dealing with. Athos, and she’s this majestic figure, towering over the entire peninsula, and she’s dressed as an abbess with her abbatial staff. There is a God who loves man, and there is a Church that loves God! Allen: Father, I’ve got a call from Justin from Orlando, Florida. For goodness’ sake, this is the gospel—even though it is no gospel—this is the gospel of America. So we can’t be foolish enough to think that in wake of the sexual revolution, combined with the fact that so many of our priests have not yet become educated, or I should say our bishops, too… We have pharmacologies from the sixth century non-abortifacient contraceptive practices… They have words for contraception that is abortion. In the Pew study on religion in I think it was 2010, and you’re probably familiar with it, 65% of Orthodox polled, sadly, believed that abortion in one or more of its stages should be legal and normative. Clement, Ambrose, Augustine, say things like, “The Christian man ought not to look on his wife with sexual desire.” You mention in your book the apostolic injunction that “he who marries should be as unmarried.” There’s also extensive writing about chastity in marriage. I immediately looked up in the dictionary what the dictionary term is, and it says “celibacy.” It’s got to be more than that! Josiah: You know, Kevin, you’re just really getting me enthused. That question itself could be a whole two-hour interview. By the way, this is one of the reasons that you have to use the Church’s official marriage service. Josiah: This means that a man’s seminal juices are not made for a woman’s rectum. I’ve got a call from Sarah from Riverside, California. I would say it’s probably minimum PG-13, depending, again, on where your young teenager’s maturity level is on these matters. By the way, if you’re in southern California, you really need to put on your agenda to go see the incredible temple that has been built at St. The listener writes: An Orthodox priest who, because premarital sex has become such a cultural norm, this priest has stopped dealing with the teaching of remaining celibate until marriage in absolutes. We’re promoting this nonsense through the United Nations, abortion and contraception, all over the world, and we’re even making poor countries sign onto it before we give them any food for their hungry people. I have heard some atrocious things out of the mouths of bishops about this subject which have no patristic foundation whatsoever. We need to acquire, to re-acquire, the mind of the Church and speak authentically about what the Fathers say. This was part of the patristic terminology amongst the Church Fathers. Every type of contraceptive mention today—barrier methods, chemical methods, spermicides—they all existed in an ancient form. Allen: They existed, and so the Fathers writing about this understood all of those pharmacological approaches? So it’s not only the Catholics that are not following their papal injunctions. There are some books that have been revised in the mid-20th century that references to the undefiled marriage-bed, to the woman’s obedience to the husband. If it’s perverse outside of marriage, it’s perverse marriage. Anal sex, so popular today in perverse sexual culture, is a tragedy. It is unnatural, and it’s very seriously criticized and censured as an expression of outrageous lust. I had an eighth-grader—an -grader—in my church come to me because he was so shaken up, and he was shaken up because he was coming home on the school bus—what’s eighth grade? Allen: That also plays into or answers a question that I’ve struggled with all along as an Orthodox Christian, which is: What is the real point of form of ascesis, and I think you’ve answered it. Something far better: we’re trying to be with and near God. It’s not just about being self-satisfied religiously: “We have fulfilled the Law.” That is not…

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If you’re announced as the winner at the end of the program, please email us back at , and we’ll give you the access code to use when ordering. We must appropriate it so that we’re not just putting a religious stamp upon secular teachings. Allen: We’re going to get to some of that tonight, but let me get to press you a little bit, because several of my listeners on Facebook and otherwise wanted to get right where the tire meets the road. They’ve already gone through four tragedies that God never intended human being to have to go through. I’ve left this kind of relationship before and I’ve gotten over it and I’ve started again. ” This is why we see the parallel between modern approaches to sexual expression and dating, and the radical rise of divorce. At the same time, to prefer celibacy, which is to be Orthodox and to be Christian, does not denigrate Christian marriage in any way. John the Baptist— model for how to live a life of consecrated celibacy. And this requires a real special nuance, just like I described the high calling of monastic life and pointed out simply that not every monk or nun reaches that high calling. Remember, marriage, as we’re using it, is a Christian phenomenon, not a secular phenomenon. Paul, who wrote 1 Corinthian 7, about the glory of consecrated celibacy, .” It is the great mystery, and he didn’t mean worldly marriage. I would encourage you to struggle hard, struggle hard and trust that God will provide you the opportunities to invest yourself in love, and this will pay off. What’s the number of people who die on the exact same day as their spouse? There’s a lot of that for sure, but the great monks and nuns became that with a great love. At least natural family planning, though it’s not normative, though it’s not to be recommended as normal, at least it calls upon the couple to exercise some spiritual effort, some self-denial, not to sleep with each other whenever they want to, for the greater good. The whole basis of the secularist, worldly life as has been promoted since the time of the sexual revolution and by the radical feminists is built upon the embrace of contraception. It is impossible to live their life selfishly, without children, without it. They opened the window with lots of qualifications, and then it flooded the Protestant world, so today it is normative in the Protestant world. I love it, and I think our people are really, really asking this question. Paul says, “Let marriage be held in honor by all, and let the .” Mr. Monastic, angelic chastity is virginity, complete consecration to God. I think that’s a very complicated matter, and something that should generally be avoided. Today we work in tandem with the state, so I as a priest always insist, according to my bishop’s directives, that the couple that I’m going to marry brings a certificate of civil license for their marriage that I then sign in order to register them with the state. the couple is resistant to that, as some are, if they think that they really just can’t do it, that they’re going to end up breaking up or something, then I would encourage them to reach out to their family, reach out to members of the parish, who can provide support and assistance. Orthodoxy regards the mysteries of the Church, also known as sacraments in the West, as vehicles leading towards union with God.From the Orthodox churches point of view, humans are not sexual creatures in terms of their essential identity. They discussed and took calls on the views of the church fathers and the contemporary Orthodox Church on sex, marriage, and celibacy (monasticism) in the context of a sex-obsessed contemporary Western culture. Josiah Trenham: I’m so happy to be with you, Kevin. They are, in the Church’s terminology, paths for salvation. Allen: Yes, and we’re going to focus on that, because I think in our modern culture—and you’re very, very aware of and involved in these issues—people forget that these are paths to salvation. Do you know there is so much material in the sacred canons dedicated to the subject of sexuality, I might even be so bold as to suggest that it’s subject that is addressed in the sacred canons, not just a little small issue? Josiah: I would also say that premarital sex is tremendously degrading because it actually kills a reverence for marriage itself. It takes the august things of the marriage-bed outside of the context of marriage, and it kills fidelity. Christians have always found themselves in situations where the culture is radically opposed to our way of life. I’m not quite ready to receive calls, but you can line up. Father, talking about pop culture, popular culture tends to think that traditional Christianity is negative or, at best, highly ambivalent about sexuality, even about marital sexuality. I don’t know him myself, but it’s obvious in his writings he’s intending to get a reaction and a rise from people. I think he’s trying to force us to do just what I’m talking about with you. It was the life of John the Baptist, and it’s been the life of our greatest saints ever since. Paul is very clear in 1 Corinthians 7 that the highest way of life is the life of complete consecration to God, and we know this in our tradition as the monastic life. It should imbue our teaching with humility, especially with a zeal to avoid judgment and also a hopefulness and a reminder that even those who have fallen can change. We’re going to talk a little bit about the patristic writers in a minute. Josiah: Kevin, it seems to me that that’s two questions. Christology is wrought with tension, because there are things we must say and things we must not say, which is why the Church has spent so much time speaking so clearly about it. With regards to your second question, is the Church balanced in its theology of virginity and marriage as paths to salvation, or is it too skewed towards monasticism and celibacy, as some allege? When she speaks, she speaks the truth, inspired by the Holy Spirit in fulfillment of Jesus’ promises. It’s a description of our fundamental way of being: joyful in the Lord, but always repenting. I’m blowing it in the microphone right now, a little encouragement to you. If you’re still looking about sex, sex, sex when you’re 50, 60, 70 years old, how are you actually going to be ready to die? This is why our churches are so full of active retired people who run the ministries. Thank you for your call, and what’s your question for Fr. Joe: Yes, Father, as I told the gentleman who took my call, me and my wife are Roman Catholics. First I would say that the purpose of marriage—one of the purposes of marriage—is to participate with God in the creation of eternal human beings, and there is nothing more glorious, and the process of conceiving a child then raising children, parenting, is salvific. Of course, spouses with each other, the couple with their pastor or with their spiritual father, with their bishop, something like that. And then, that would be the opportunity for the embrace of natural family planning. I won’t mention the author or the book, just to keep it so it’s not personalized, but he writes: legitimately use some form of contraceptive, assuming of course that it is a true contraceptive, that is, that it prevents conception and not just implantation of the fertilized egg within the womb. I believe that the Church honors the privacy and uniqueness of the husband and the wife in the marital act, and that we are not to bring others into that miracle for the creation of a new life. Josiah Trenham on a very important topic today in our culture and family life and so on, so we’ll keep the phone lines open until the end of the show. I’m in Bowhead City, Arizona, and I was calling to ask a question about marriage in the eyes of the Church. It ended in divorce by his choice, and I ended up almost having to pay a significant amount of money to a man who was emotionally abusive to myself and our children during most of that time. Of course, that marriage would simply be a legal contract that wouldn’t be the bestowing of God’s blessing and the mystical union of those two persons that’s effected through the sacrament of crowning. They want something that is a token of their devotion, and they buy a gold ring or something with a diamond. They have the scars of that experience, and they can help. It means that you bow very low, and you say, “Okay, look. Maybe they practice natural family planning in order to space their children, until such a time as they reach those goals, but it can’t be just something that we say: “I have this bad feeling, and therefore I want to stop.” That’s not a healthy idea. Even if his numbers were right, they would still have something like 400 monasteries, with an average of 20 monks and nuns! , and thank you for joining me on our first program of 2014. We’re streaming live, and we’ll be opening the lines and taking your live calls at about half-past the hour tonight, so we can establish a foundation first for tonight’s program, but that gives you an hour and a half to call in. The call-in number is 1-855-AF-RADIO, 1-855-237-2346, as the announcer mentioned. When we have so much wealth of God-inspired guidance to give to human beings, we’re very culpable for our silence. What we end up doing is developing a relationship that is a set-up for human misery. Young people find themselves attracted to a member of the opposite sex, they haven’t been taught really what to do with those feelings, how to cultivate them in the most helpful way, so they naturally follow these things out. They develop the interest; they start to court and date at an age far too young for their success. Josiah: It’s a bodily expression of having given something larger than the body. Nikodemus says, they go to sleep holding the canons of the Church; they sleep with a , and they get up with it, because they know that in the pages of these sacred texts is the guidance to how to heal people, just like a physician has to study diseases; you have to know how to treat them. Greater is he who is in us than he who is in the world. You’ll still hear the program through the telephone as you’re waiting to come on. As you know, because you read up on this and you’re a specialist in this area, there is one contemporary Orthodox writer, Fr. That doesn’t mean every monk is a shining, radiant example of celibacy. Basil the Great—this is not actually recorded in his writings, but St. Basil as saying that—“Though I have never known a woman, I am not a virgin.” This is what St. Because virginity is something much higher than a state of bodily existence. By the grace of God, what was yesterday will not be tomorrow. It’s the same with regards to these fundamental states of life: marriage and monastic life. It also means that , the universal witness of the Fathers on these issues is what we must look for. These are teachers of such magnitude that they really provide a foundation for a Christian ethic. Any contemporary theologian, especially not a bum like myself—no one has the right to judge the Church and say she’s out of balance. So this idea that somehow the Fathers slavishly imported Greek Hellenistic concepts, this is simply nonsense. Forgive me, I know this is my experience, but everywhere I go, I find this. I’ve been moving for I think about three years now I’ve been on I guess a journey to Orthodoxy or however it may be properly put. Let me tell you why I would bless natural family planning, and why I think the Church does so in counter-distinction to artificial contraception. The couple may want to consult a doctor to confirm that the form of birth control that they are considering is not abortifacient, producing abortions. This is the problem with the improper use of science. Let’s go ahead, though, first, and take a pre-recorded message call that came in from Cheryl. My question really is: Does one have to be married in the eyes of the state, have to have a state-sanctioned marriage license, in order for the Church to perform a marriage and to consider a couple married in the eyes of God and in the eyes of the Church? This is why the Church insists that her people get married under her care, under her pastoral care. That beautiful gold and that diamond doesn’t just appear.

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