Net designer file not updating relative dating involves radioactive isotopes

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Invoke(Object sender, Component Event Args e) at System. However, sometimes when we attempt to update the dataset the Visual Basic/ C-Sharp code behind the scene does not get updated i.e., dataset.or dataset.does not get updated.You can force Visual Studio 2008 to use a file and to have it create/update its designer code.So I suspect that the 2 issues are related: the fact that VS doesn't think that the designer file is the same as the cs file (even though they are both partial classes and have the same name) and the fact that it can't compile because of a problem with the type (whatever that means). Does anyone know the criteria that VS uses to nest related files? Web sites in 2.0 don't let you specify a default namespace. However, the namespace for the designer, ascx, and files are all the same. Thanks, Steven Are you using the same project types all around? Net, the Web Site project that came originally with VS.Net 2005, and the new Web Application project, which is a port of the VS 2002/3 Web Applicaiton project and available in VS. Web Application projects nest files in the exact manner you describe.

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