Drug expiration dating

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The program is an acknowledgement that the actual shelf life of drugs and other medical products may be longer than their stated expiration date, depending on their storage conditions.

SLEP is currently available only for federally-maintained stockpiles, although there have been ongoing deliberations between the federal government and the states about extending SLEP to state-maintained stockpiles or creating a separate SLEP-like program for state stockpiles.

Of these, only aspirin and amphetamine had deteriorated below generally recognized minimum acceptable potency.

With respect to the liquid form of Nembutal, ANDY noted on alt.suicide.methods: "If you open the nembutal its still reusable till the mentioned shelf life in most cases which is 3 years.Now if you take the nembutal out and mix it with something else at that point the ions would react causing it to degrade.Even changing the container would decrease the shelf life because the original bottle is sterilized which might not be the case with a new water bottle that you intend to use.(See “State Stockpiles” discussion below.) Note: As of March 2012, Congress is in the process of reauthorizing the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act (PAHPA), which may impact a number of laws and programs described below.Please see ASTHO EUA Current Issues Winter 2012 for more information about reauthorization and its potential impact on EUAs and related issues.

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