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The center shadow is very prominent, while the other two are still faint. CAIRO — Coverage inside Egypt of people arrested on charges of homosexuality has skyrocketed as a direct result of government pressure, with one editor going so far as to say it is happening under "instructions" from the state.In it, Sisi's office manager, General Abas Kamal, is heard instructing spokesperson Ahmed Ali to give orders to journalists about what to say about Sisi.For many in Cairo, the arrest of 26 men accused of participating in a "gay sex party" at a working-class bathhouse in December was an especially egregious example of the close relationship that has developed between the media and the Sisi regime. 7, 2014, a television presenter named Mona Iraqi claimed to have reported what she called Cairo's "biggest den of perversions" to the police, and she rushed to publish pictures as the men were dragged naked to the police station.

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Detractors consider her style to be emblematic of Egypt's steady march toward conservative Islam, while supporters proclaim that her modest demeanor and background embody the democratic spirit of the revolution.

Naglaa Ali Mahmoud has reportedly said she would prefer not to live in the Presidential Palace, and the couple has yet to move in. "I want to be called the president's wife," she told The Associated Press by telephone.

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